About Me

A girl from Colorado,
in love with river surfing and my job.

Couple’s Photographer / Traveler

Heather Jackson

I love river surfing, coffee, and far-off adventures.
I believe LOVE IS LOVE.
I want to create images that are art.

I believe in helping people succeed and never forgetting the people who have helped me. Outside is my favorite side, although too many blankets and Netflix on a rainy day are a close contender. Traveling is my first love. If you play with my hair I will fall asleep. I do wear leggings as pants. I’m a crazy plant lady. Despite my best efforts, I’m not a mermaid. I love deep, I laugh loud, I dance hard, and I will most certainly make an inappropriate joke at some point.

It’s a short life, and I want to photograph the adventurous couples, the in-so-deep couples, the couples who play in the dirt, laugh so hard their bellies ache, love so deep their eyes leak often, and wear smiles so big their face kinda hurts. I want your wedding or elopement to be the kind of day that changes you just a little bit, a day you can close your eyes and re-live all over again. These are the moments I crave and cultivate, the ones that really define the magic of your days, living in your absolute fullest.

I can’t wait to meet you and your love so we can create something authentic and beautiful together. I believe first and foremost that LOVE IS LOVE, no matter your gender or preference – ALL are welcome in my family. And yes, I hope we do become that close.

You are investing in me, my creative process, and my business.

Wedding + Session Pricing

I understand budgets and needing to stick to them. Let’s talk frankly about yours together.

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Featured on

The Bokeh Podcast

Episode #237: Romantic Couples’ Portraits With an Edge – Heather Jackson

Are you ready to take your portraits to the next level by offering an edgy, intimate, and creative style of portraiture?

In episode 237 of the Bokeh Podcast, Heather Jackson walks us through the thought process of offering romantic sessions that encourage couples to feel comfortable in little to no clothing. Listen in as she shares how you can attract the clients that are interested in these sessions, and make your clients feel comfortable enough to get undressed in front of the camera.

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