About Me

A girl from Colorado,
In love with adventure.

Photographer / Traveler

Heather Jackson

I love surfing, coffee, and early morning adventures.
I’m perhaps a little too honest, nerdy, and excited.
I want to be everybody’s friend.

I believe in helping people succeed and never forgetting the people who have helped me. Outside is my favorite side, although too many blankets and Netflix are a close second. Traveling is my first love. I don’t want to be famous, but I do want to be remembered. The more I learn, the less I am sure of what I know, and that’s a good thing.

If you play with my hair I will fall asleep. I do wear leggings as pants. I’m a crazy plant lady. I think the 90’s was simultaneously the best and worst decade for fashion and music. Despite my best efforts, I’m not a mermaid. But I’m probably a hipster. Chemex coffee is king. I think I’m funny, and my best friend agrees.