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Baby AJ

The Ginn Family

I just got done editing this super fun shoot with the Ginn family. Shooting a big group like this is always a little intimidating. Getting everyone to feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera is my first priority. I only have a few minutes to talk to people and get to know them before we start shooting typically, so I am usually overly friendly and bubbly to break the ice as soon as possible. The Ginn family just received a new addition, baby AJ. So it was also a priority to make sure AJ was comfy and happy while we were out shooting in the snow (thank goodness it was warm that day!).

Baby AJ was a trooper. Around a year old, I was worried about how long we would be able to hold his attention. After he warmed up to me, it was fun to try and capture his little personality. He has the cutest little giggle! I bought some blue letter props just for this shoot, and also brought a wooden crate and yellow blanket from my house to bring some color to a brown and white winter setting. I think being bundled in blankets inside the wooden crate was little AJ’s favorite part of the whole shoot! Much thanks to the Ginn family for spending some time with me and letting me capture their adorable family!

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