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Desert Flowers Vol. 1

Emily & Jenny

Driving west on I-70 and taking a lonely exit to head north into the middle of nowhere, you wouldn’t expect to be suddenly greeted by a vast canyon landscape that is exploding with color and stunning formations for as far as you can see. On a recent trip there I shot a portrait session with two local Moab women. These two friends were just as stunningly vibrant and gorgeous as the giant canyon landscape we shot in. Shooting with two other creatives (Emily is a wedding photographer, and Jenny is a custom jewelry maker) was a lovely surprise. It’s easy to see that both of them are overflowing with creative juice and brilliance.

I love shooting with other creative people because they tend to be more open to experimentation and trying new, and sometimes awkward stuff. I always like to spend a portion of my shoots trying random and purposefully weird posing and actions. It takes the shoot and the final edits to the next level, and often leads to a lot of laughter and fun moments with the people I’m shooting. Jenny and Emily were down to let it all hang out, and we got some amazing shots that I am super proud of.

A big thanks to both ladies for taking the time to model for me out in the windy desert sunset!

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