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Desert Flowers Vol. 2

Adrianna, Aomi, Natali, and Courtney

There is no shortage of beautiful, talented women in Moab.
Adrianna the moon child.
Aomi the wellness and fitness guru.
Natali the athlete goddess.
Courtney the vivacious community builder.
I felt so lucky to be in the midst of so many powerful and creative women. We had fun playing with different poses and accessories, as well as changing outfits a few times. Mostly we drank wine and laughed at how much fun we were having. This was a huge opportunity to work with many different personalities at once.

Working with so many women at once is both rewarding and fairly difficult. Trying to capture each one’s personality and style can be hard when you only have two hours to shoot four people. Aomi was the only one who had any modeling experience, so it was up to me to direct and make everyone feel cozy. We all ended up learning a lot about each other in a short amount of time. It’s shoots like this that can be the most fun. I walked away from this evening with four new friends, and a ton of shots I was crazy excited about. A huge thanks to these four amazing women for taking the time to hang out and model with me.

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