Portraits / Adventure

Lookout Mountain

with Elyse

Elyse is a bright-eyed hippy with a heart full of love! She is one of my favorite people in this crazy world. Naturally, I asked her to model for me. You can’t escape modeling for me if you’re going to be my friend (wink wink). I wanted to experiment with an entire photoshoot for a change. I don’t experiment very much with engagement and wedding clients for the sake of quality and consistency, so this shoot with Elyse was my chance to experiment with posing, wardrobe, lighting, and moods. Her personality and willingness to get weird with me made our evening shoot amazing!

I chose Lookout Mountain because it was a new location for me. My father and I went on an adventure to scout 9 different spots in a 30 mile radius over the course of 6 hours for this shoot, PHEW! I landed on a random pull-off near the top of the mountain for its variety and view over the sunset. I wanted to experiment with different light sources as the sun went down, and I love how it came out! Elyse was down for any ideas I had, and we happily got weird and moody to see what interesting shots we could get. A huge thank you to Elyse for being my model and bringing good vibes!

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