Love / Portraits

Sawhill Ponds Adventure

with Ha + Dennis

Ha and Dennis are engaged! They met at a mutual friends wedding, and now they are celebrating their love and future together. This shoot was so much fun, mostly because Ha and Dennis were so open with me. It was easy to see how much they love each other, which made my job of capturing their relationship fun and easy. They brought their very excited dog, and we roamed around Sawhill Ponds for a couple hours just before sunset. They laughed and joked with each other, danced, and pretended to play light-saber wars with sparklers while I enjoyed taking all the photos! I couldn’t help but smile and laugh while I was editing this set. Their love was so infectious!

Working with Ha and Dennis was such a pleasure. They trusted my vision and went with the flow which gave us some amazing moments and images. I ended up running out of memory cards and had to dump them onto my computer mid shoot! – that’s a sign we are having a blast. I brought some of my favorite props for this shoot, including sparklers and copper lights. There is something so magical about extra lights around sunset.

A big thanks to Ha and Dennis for choosing me to be their photographer!

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