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Midori Bikinis

Venice Beach, California

I fell in love with Midori Bikinis for a few reasons… 1) they have incredibly happy and beautiful brand ambassadors, 2) their bikini designs are gorgeous earth-tones and very flattering on any figure, and 3) they support and showcase women of all shapes and sizes on their platforms! I shot this set with their California ambassadors Leslie and Mariah, and their Utah ambassador Aomi. The set had very little parameters except to try and match the style and look of the Midori brand. We ended up staying and shooting in the Venice Beach community, which was a great backdrop for some bikini fun!

This was the first shoot I had ever done that was focused solely on bikinis. This made me a little nervous as I am always looking to deliver the best possible content for any of my clients, and I didn’t want my inexperience in this particular product to hinder that. Given that is was just me and the ladies, we had a lot of freedom to roam the community and find the backdrops that we loved. The ladies had a ton of collaborative input, and helped me guide the shoot with their seasoned modeling experience. Big thanks to Midori Bikinis and their amazing brand ambassadors for bringing me on board!

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