Shari Zollinger

Magic Woman

“Magic Woman” is not a term that Shari has used, but it is how I feel about her! Shari is a Natal Chart expert living in Moab, Utah and I have had many meetings with her. She chose me to photograph her and I loved every second. We drove out to Dead Horse Point outside of Moab for the perfect section of road. It was a quick shoot but we made the most of it. Shari told me that she didn’t think her (amazing) personality came through in the camera, so I made it mission to photograph her true nature. Needless to say it wasn’t too hard, given that Shari radiates happiness.

Her favorite coat, which is a badass leather jacket, gave her this desert-superwoman vibe. Somewhat fitting considering Shari spends her time trying to help others with her work.

I highly recommend Shari’s services, she even does them over the phone!

Thanks for an awesome shoot Shari!

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