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Sunset Adventure

with Liz + Jonathan

Ever met a couple that was perfectly suited for one another? Well I have, and their names are Liz and Jonathan. I don’t think these two even remembered I was there half the time we were shooting. They are both super silly, excited, and all-around bubbly. The self-proclaimed comic nerds danced, climbed, and played their way through the evening, with me along for the ride. It was easy to see what made them click. One would play off the other, and back and forth with witty banter for one heck of a comical and love-filled shoot.

Honestly this was one of the easiest shoots I have ever done. When two people are that connected it’s easy to sit back and capture it. Plus! They both had the coolest style. Crop tops, flannel, leather jackets and slouchy beanies for dayyys.

Big thanks to these two for spending the afternoon with me. It was so much fun to document how cool they are.

Also I need to find a leather jacket…

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