Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson

Photographer + Filmmaker


Hey there! I'm Heather. I've been a Colorado dweller all my life but there is nothing I love more than traveling, surfing, and photography. Oh and coffee! I love coffee. As a traveling wedding photographer, I drive across the country often in search of river surfing and my adventurous clients. I love deep, I laugh loud, I dance hard, and I will most certainly make an inappropriate joke at some point.

It's a short life, and I want to photograph the adventurous couples, the in-so-deep couples, the couples who play in the dirt, laugh so hard their bellies ache, love so deep their eyes leak often, and wear smiles so big their face kinda hurts. I want your intimate wedding or elopement to be the kind of day that changes you just a little bit, a day you can close your eyes and re-live all over again. These are the photography moments I crave and cultivate, the ones that really define the magic of your days, living in your absolute fullest. Let’s customize your destination elopement photography dream in my home of beautiful Colorado, through my eyes as an adventurous wedding photographer.

I can't wait to meet you and your love so we can create something authentic and beautiful together. I believe first and foremost that LOVE IS LOVE, no matter your gender or preference - ALL are welcome in my family. And yes, I hope we do become that close. Connect with me, I would love to be your Colorado adventure wedding photographer and provide you with extraordinary intimate wedding photography.

Ready to have a really good time?