Love / Portraits

Cabin Hideaway + Beaver Ponds

with Liz + Steven

An adventure engagement session looks different to every couple, and Liz and Steven made theirs count! This was one of my favorite Colorado sessions in the mountains this past year. We started in their cabin Airbnb with the pups, sipping on drinks Liz had made for all of us, and dancing to their favorite reggae music. Liz and Steven are effortlessly fun with each other, twirling and laughing, while I guided them into different backgrounds inside the house. After a couples drinks and realizing that is was starting to snow outside, we ran over to the beaver ponds on the other side of the road. The water was cold but we all sunk in and embraced the Colorado adventure spirit of skinny dipping in the high mountains. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and made for the most amazing and unique photographs. I’m so in love with my couples who want to be wild with me, and really dive into the special memories we can make during these mountain engagement sessions. I want engagement sessions to tell a story about my couples, who they are, how they love each other, and do something maybe a little crazy that they’ll never forget.

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