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Denver In-Home Session

with Michele + Zak + Hardy The Bulldog

A Colorado couples session doesn’t have to be outside in the mountains. Sometimes the best photoshoots are inside your home, in your space that you share with your lover. Michele and Zak opted to be inside their first home together for their session before they moved. There are great advantages to being inside for your couples session like being warm if it happens to be winter, being comfortable in your pajamas or casual at-home clothes, and creating photo memories somewhere where you actually do have daily memories instead of a random mountain backdrop. Also really creative lighting scenarios can be found inside homes! The harsh light streaming across Michele and Zak’s faces from the skylight is one of my favorite portraits ever! If you are shy at all, or being comfortable in your setting is a priority for your engagement session, being at home might be the spot to start or end the session. I believe the main focus of your session should always be the genuine emotion and connection first, backdrop or scenery second. Together we can be very creative and create unique portraits with the light coming in your windows, and the different parts of your home for your in-home couples session.

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