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Anniversary Bathtub Couples Session

with Nate + Amelia + Ari The Cat

This Colorado anniversary couples session is another one of my favorites! I remembering getting to know Nate and Amelia and shooting their wedding in Moab a year prior, and now I was back to help celebrate their first year of marriage. I was really wanting to execute a bathtub theme I had in my head for awhile and they were happy to oblige. We started off making drinks and playing in the living room, then moved to their newly decorated master! The color scheme in their bedroom was amazing with dark teals and the perfect light.

The bathtub came last and was the most fun I’ve ever had in a bathroom! Nate pooped a champagne bottle and sprayed it everywhere while Amelia blew bubbles from her bubble gun (yes my camera got wet and it was worth it!). Creating truly fun and messy images like this is one of my very favorite things about my job as a Colorado couples photographer. Couples like Nate and Amelia make my job so fun because they are into the process, and ready to let their hair down to blow in the wind metaphorically. Want your own intimate couples session? Send me a message and let’s talk about what your perfect adventure couples photography session looks like!

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