Elopement / Wedding

Denver Clock Tower Wedding

with Rosa + Joey

Getting engaged at the Denver Clocktower naturally led into getting married at the spot for Joey and Rosa. It was a small, intimate ceremony with only family in attendance. We all introduced ourselves and we excitedly talked about the couple about to commit to each other. Rosa’s sister made the final touches to her dress and hair, while Joey sipped champagne with is brother and father getting advice on this upcoming journey. Right before the ceremony I stole shot from the bride and grooms moment together before they walked into the clocktower room to be married. The whole room went happily silent to watch them walk together down the aisle, and after their vows were shared, to see them dance to Kanye back down the same aisle as husband and wife. The rest of the evening was a light-hearted celebration and conversation about marriage and love, and life. I feel grateful and fortunate to be apart of such intimate ceremonies and family gatherings. It is a rare chance for everyone to really spend time together, which can be more difficult in a more traditional large wedding. Unique intimate Colorado wedding locations like the Denver Clocktower also make for really creative bride and groom portraits. Joey and Rosa followed me to the top of the spiral staircase, and we enjoyed the last light of the day, and the city lights on the roof of the tower before the newly married couple left and took their limousine to dinner. If you love Denver, and want to get married in the city, take another looks at historical buildings like the Daniels and Fischer Clocktower for your intimate Denver wedding.

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