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Sundance Bridal

Sundance, Utah

This styled workshop photoshoot was nothing short of a dream in the mountains of Sundance, Utah. The workshop was put on by Alice Cannon, a wedding photographer in Provo. I decided to attend the styled shoot after seeing all of the amazing vendors involved. I shot with the model, Alex Weaver, for a several hours. Getting to know her and all the other people made the experience much more than just a shoot to add to my portfolio. The jewelry artist, set designers, cake designers, dress boutique, and macrame artist hit the styling out of the park! I feel so fortunate to be apart of such a worth-while, creative event.

Working with other creative people is so nourishing. Everyone feeds off each other, taking tips and tricks and offering their own ideas back. Talking through our creative processes and watching each other work pushes our imagination boundaries, and forces each of us to come out of the shoot better than we were before.

Please check out the vendors involved. I highly recommend all of them! Scroll to the bottom to see all of the vendors and their contact information.

Thank you to Alice Cannon for putting on the shoot!

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