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Afternoon Wine - Special Engagement Session in Colorado

with Bill + Dustin

When I first met Bill and Dustin I knew their special engagement session in Colorado and small wedding photography was going to be one of a kind. Their laughter and flirtatious ways with each other lit up the room. They weren’t sure if they wanted to do an engagement session, but as soon as Dustin revealed that he is an artisan landscape designer, with an office to match the name, I asked if they would like to do a session there. His vintage-botanic inspired office was a tiny old Denver home, with 70’s vibes and plants in every corner. The session was easy to style with all the natural light and unique decor. We popped some vino and began chatting about their unique wedding photos and all their hopes and dreams for that day. Pretty soon we were in the full swing of shenanigans, creating genuine love-filled images. These two, admittedly shy and camera-wary, were more natural at this special engagement session than they ever thought possible and were happy I talked them into a photography session just for them. With less than 4 months to their wedding day, this was the perfect opportunity to relish in this chapter of their lives and remember it forever with a playful photo date, and getting to know their traveling wedding photographer, me!

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