Love / Elopement

Courthouse Elopement

with Marc + Adriane (and their pup Javier)

This Colorado courthouse elopement was an absolute dream with Marc and Adriane! Marc contacted me several weeks before their appointment at the courthouse and we began planning his surprise for Adriane – elopement photographs! Adriane really wanted an elopement, and Marc was leaning more towards a full wedding day, so they compromised and did both! I was lucky enough to be their Denver courthouse elopement photographer, before they went off to Texas to have their big family wedding. Adriane wanted a photographer but they “decided” it wasn’t in their budget since they were doing two weddings. Marc also wanted photos of their courthouse ceremony, so he decided to hire me and we began scheming together on the best way to surprise her and document their courthouse elopement day.

To surprise Adriane I came to the courthouse early along with their friend who brought their dog Javier. After a little reunion with Javier, we went inside and took photos along the way throughout the building, with one of my favorite portrait shots being in front of the “solid as a rock” engraving along the courthouse marble wall. Judge Brown made their marriage official, with just us four in the room. Marc and Adriane were so excited, and we continued the day by heading back to their hotel room at the Denver ART Hotel for more unique images around the room. After popping some champagne and snacking on the charcuterie board, we said our goodbyes and I left them to enjoy their Colorado elopement day together. If you are thinking of eloping be assured we can make it just as magical as a big wedding day. Contact me to start planning your Colorado elopement!

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