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Colorado Mountain Hotsprings Engagement Session

with Michael + Meghan

My favorite unique Colorado engagement photography sessions are deep off in the middle of mountains, far from the city. The roadtrips to get to these places are thought-provoking and relaxing, and make me feel like I am really living to the fullest as a traveling wedding photographer in the vast mountains of Colorado. Michael and Meghan chose the destination where they first became official, a secluded nude hotspring in the depths of the Rocky Mountain National Park valleys. We spent a few hours at sunset exploring the mountain, camped together overnight, and then spent another hour at sunrise the next day to catch the sun coming up in a spring overlooking the valley below. Both Mike and Meghan are artists in their own ways (drummer and painter), and excitedly jumped into my ideas without hesitation to create some beautiful images together. Creating shapes and motion, especially with all their bodies and of Meg’s cool clothes, seemed to be my inspiration that day and I love the way it came out. Their gallery is so fun and tells much more of a story about that evening and early morning than a short engagement session would have. Meghan now has a shot of them holding each other in the nude in the meadow hanging in their bedroom and that is my favorite outcome ever. Art for you, of you, made by our combined efforts together, does not matter if you are yearning for couples, small wedding, or destination elopement photography sessions.

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