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Denver Courthouse Elopement

with Samantha + Derek and a tropical reception

This Denver courthouse elopement with Derek and Samantha was short, sweet, and tropical! The bride and groom wanted their ceremony to be private, so we opted for portraits around the courthouse after their ceremony! Family gathered with the happy couple to have their photos taken together, and then headed off to the tropical reception at a Hawaiian themed Denver restaurant! I stayed behind with the couple to take some bride and groom portraits in front of one of the most beautiful Denver courthouses in downtown!

We popped a bottle of champagne on the steps and got a variety of shot with the architecture and greenery around the building, before heading off to join the Hawaiian reception. Derek and Sam cut their cake and partied with their guests for the rest of the evening to celebrate their special day. This day is a great example of making your wedding day, your elopement day exactly what you want it to be! We can explore all the options, and make a custom plan that fits exactly what you want your day to look and feel like! Let me know if you are planning your Colorado elopement photography and let’s chat!

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